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24) According to identify Kazvin, Kasghari’s dictionary phone calls it the spot of amusement for Afasiyab’s daughter Gaz!! But modern-day scholarship has revealed this is just A further legendary absurd idea and also the name Ghazvin must do with the Caspians as well as Caspians are nowadays called both Iranian speakers Or maybe Hurrian speakers.

Also allow me to insert that I've some pretty new references about Shirin being Chrisian plus a historical figure, and I will share it once Mr. Baguirov writes his up coming response..

In fact Azerbaijani and USSR Students created numerous false verses and attributed to Nizami with Phony meanings. If Nizami was mad at the Shirvanshah, he would a minimum of say a person line of negativity (bring the initial Persian) about him, Whilst he has 90 strains praising him! In fact it is unfortunate when someone like Mr. Baguirov can't examine Persian or else I am not positive following looking at the 90 lines of praises, he would consider this sort of false tales.

So Mr. Adil Baguirov should carry up new resources rather than stuff from fifty a long time ago by some soviet scholars. In truth USSR scholarship was tainted when it came to ethnic problems. It should remembered that Nizamis get the job done were not translated into Azeri-Turkish prior to the USSR era and Moreover Stalin did his greatest to mildew Nizami into an Azarbaijani Turkic speaker. A transparent illustration of two forgeries by Caucasian Azarbaijani scholars can be a verse relating Nizamis father to your wolf which does not also have a suitable rhyme![three] and also attemps by several of the psuedo-Students to change the phrase Kurd to Gurd which is not supported by any manuscript and Additionally tends to make the rhymes meaningless. Without a doubt I'm able to compose Considerably about manipulation of record in several of the former USSR international locations, but lets follow The difficulty.

من اگرچه علي الظاهر ترکم اما نژادم از پارسيانست. جدم حاجي احمد از رشت آمده در آذربايجان توطن اختيار کرده است.

eight) We don't desire to place a hundred strains of bickering about Nizami’s ethnicity during the Wikipedia report. People that could read his poems will virtually figure it out what lifestyle he belonged to. Even Stalin claimed that Nizami had Turkish will work, whilst no scholar requires such a subject very seriously, due to the fact Turkish poetry to start with confirmed up while in the location through Ilkhanid period. We've agreed with other buyers not to generate this text about Nizamis ethnicity but about Nizami Ganjavi. I can feature hordes of arguments. Like why would Nizami consistently praise Ferdowsi and also the Persian nationalistic dynasty of the Sassanids. Or why did he belittle Turks by means of Shirvanshah and praised the ShirvanShah. Or why he will not even have a person verse in Turkish. And why he derides the Khaghan of Turks so badly. And why he has penned that he has looked by way of Persian, Arabic, Bukhari, Tabari resources, although not Turkish.

You see this has absolutely nothing to do with any sort of ethnicity! And because Turk in Persian meant gorgeous lover rather than Ethipions in Persian poetry (and these have been the mongloid turks as Nizami phone calls them frequently Cheshm Tang (slender eyed)), he is declaring this ethical elegance is just not purchased During this unsightly Ethiopia (Habash). This has almost nothing to carry out with ethnicity. Following 300 strains of advice, the teacher hopes that his advices might be taken continue reading this severely. Else Nizami did not are in Ethiopia. And he doesn't have even 1 verse of Turkish (assuming he could talk it) when there were certaintly Seljuqids who could have aided him if he needed to compose.

Recall that A further movie regarding the background of Baku oil market starring planet-identified actors will be shot in Hollywood.

So at this time even the ethnic track record of this group is not very clear (Tibetian, Iranian, Mongol, Turk, Tocharian... have all been prompt), but what is clear is usually that Khorasan of Iran wasn't less than their area and in fact it had been Section of the domain from the Sassanids in the event the Arabs attacked. Much like the Azarbaijan of Iran and portions of the caucus as many as Darband which was underneath Sassanids and afterwards it grew to become part of Ummayyads.

But manipulations of those details by some pan-Turkist nationalist will not be welcomed and is particularly aggression on Iranian heritage. Also these days we do not decide ethnicity by 12th century standard and Nizami While more than likely completely Iranian, is a minimum of fifty percent Kurdish(Iranic) (unanimously agreed by all Students).

Mr. Doostzadeh appears to have a good deal of your time on his fingers to drum-up his lengthy accusations and statements. Simply by reversing the Suggestions and assertions set forward by this writer (authentic accusations of bias and racism In regards to Azerbaijani heritage and historic figures around the Section of such chauvinists as Mr. Doostzadeh), he could think he did smth worthy of staying pleased with. Mr. Doostzadeh is way outside of his league when he would make but additional irrelevant, baseless and groundless assertions about “Azarbaijani Chavaunism” (sic!

But Dede Korkut/Oguz Nama (the society of Oghuz Turks) is completely different as opposed to lifestyle of Nizami/Ferdowsi. Dede Korkut is in truth the reliable genuine Oghuz-Turkic culture. [19]. So is Kur-Oghlu Read Full Report which is principally Turkic tales. See this interesting short article (and note the website isn't academic but nevertheless I think this article to be exact) on how once again Stalin manipulated historical past with regards to this folk story[20]. Be aware the author makes A further place which happens to be famous and I have now produced: At some time, the Turkish sultans didn't contemplate on their own for being Turks, but fairly a cosmopolitan individuals, the Osmanli. In truth, they desired to adhere to Persian and Arabic customs and offended the nomadic Turks by insulting their traditions and tradition. The Osmanlis behaved not as the ethnic brothers from the nomadic Turks, but as their enemies and conquerors. This is certainly what I imply by Persianization which occured on the Ghaznavids along with the latter Seljuqids. Also their empire usually was run by Iranian vazirs who did many of the administration perform and certainly many of them intermarried Along with the Seljuqids like the famous Nizam Al-Mulk.

Another Untrue declare of Mr. Baguirov: Ferdowsi was requested Shahnameh by a Turk, as was the case with many other non-Turkic poets. . This statement is false right now (had Mr. Baguirov study any of your the latest scholarship of Ferdowsi including that by Dr. Khaleghi Motlaq). Indeed Ferdowsi began his operate over the Samanid era. What number of unsubstantiated promises is Mr. Baguirov about to make? He then continues: It absolutely was a Turk who requested the poem, it had been him who, despite the not really favorable language, paid for it, useful site and it was him who ordered to transcribe it on many manuscripts and so put it aside for the longer term generations All over again repeateding a similar statement with out executing any exploration!

Academician Marr was an excellent historian and Orientalist, and when he wrote that Said Nafisi advised him (among other Iranian poets) about Nizami in 1925 (Marr’s reserve I have With all the quote I have from was revealed in 1939), then I certainly believe him. Marr suggests a lot of more terms concerning the detrimental reaction to Nizami and Khagani from Persian intelligentsia in Iran – he also had discussions with “king of poets” Melek osh-Shoera and great-grandson on the famed Kaem Mekam with regards to the adverse attitudes to Nizami in Iran.

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